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Strategic planning to deliver robust data packages for market access submissions.


Dossier development for HTA agencies or Pricing & Reimbursement agencies.


Stakeholder engagement strategies and implementation plans.


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Our belief is that a product’s success in this increasingly challenging, value-focused environment is strongly dependent on a coherent market access strategy and action plan, not only in the pre-launch and launch phases, but throughout the product’s lifecycle.   We have precisely this experience, gained over 12 years working in all areas of market access at all management levels, from Team Manager, Market Access Director and Europe & Canada Director for major pharmaceutical companies. 


We also know that market access is not just the responsibility of the people with those words in their title.  It requires a coordinated approach with strong inputs from colleagues in other departments such as medical, marketing, regulatory, public affairs and communications. 


Our results are there on the record as evidence that this approach delivers industry-leading outcomes. Therefore our preferred way of working with clients is to continue with this approach, to ensure that we are fully engaged, as part of your team throughout the term of the project.

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